Voip Trunnking

Carrier Class VoIP Switch

SonicSBC is a class 4 Wholesale VoIP session border control designed for high Calls Per Second (CPS) and High Port use. SonicSBC is a Carrier class VoIP Switch with integrated billing, Least Cost Route (LCR), advanced AI routing, automation network grouping and blocking and much more.
  • Least Cost Routing with Advance AI Logic
  • Automatic Billing
  • Integrated Rate Deck Builder
  • Automatic Network Grooming
  • ... and so much more
Starting at $1.00 USD Per Port

SonicSBC Class 4 VoIP Switch
(SonicSBC Dashboard)

VoIP Billing Software Class 4 SoftSwitch Rate Deck Builder
Automate your billing with our Class 4 CDR software High capacity VoIP Class 4 soft switch. Dial friendly High CPS/Ports Advanced rate deck builder

Uncompromising Performance Integrated Switch with USA LRN and Canada, LERG 6 The Most Complete Routing Platform on the Market
Fully redundant network platform to handle extreme CPS and Ports. Capacity is no issue. Support DNIS, LRN, LERG, Local, LATA-OCN Real Time PCAP traces

Built-in Monitoring and Self-Recovery Automatic billing, invoicing and credit control Real-Time Reporting for 360 degree visibility
Enjoy power and freedom of controlling every aspect of switch via UI. Everything from Load Balancing, Hot-Standby, and Live Call Migration are fully supported. Real-time CDR's